The Lies of Locke Lamora

Or why I love fantasy Every now and then you come across a story which captures everything you love about reading and about the Fantasy genre. For me The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch, did just that.   The novel tells two tales, both about the main character, a master thief and con-man called […]

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The Sky Pirates cover

A major part in publishing a novel is the cover. Seeing the cover for the first time is an amazing feeling. It transforms a simple manuscript, which feels very personal, into an actual novel, something to be shared with the world. Getting the Sky Pirates cover made was a lovely process. It nicely shows the […]

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The origin of Defender of Gilgin

This week Prince of Spires released my first novel, Defender of Gilgin. It’s the tale of Finn, a ranger who unearths a 1.000 year old creature. When he does so, he accidentally sets the second apocalypse in motion. He scrambles to save mankind from the forces of Darkness, even as he is at the same […]

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Emperor is out!

This december Prince Of Spires published my first book, Emperor. It’s a story about what can happen when those in power are anonymous and willing to do anything to protect their power. That, and demons rampaging through a medieval, east Asian style forbidden city. I started writing this story last year November when I participated […]

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Richard was humming as he pulled into the driveway. It had been a warm, sunny, almost oppressive day. Gabby lay sleeping like an angel in her seat in the back. And finally, the whole business with Anna was over. They could move on. Richard took Gabby from the back seat and carried her up the […]

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