Author: Roderick Donatus

The Prince of Spires – Apocalyps II

War by committee The board with black and white squares stood in front of Spires. The pieces upon it stood in a complex configuration with no discernable pattern to them. In one corner a tall white model stood besieged by black ones. On the rest of the board, clumps of black and white figures vied […]

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The Prince of Spires – Apocalyps I

Omens Spires looked at the papers on his desk in front of him. Behind him, the noises from the city which had given him his name drifted through the panelled balcony doors. He permitted himself a small, tired sigh. No one was around to notice this lapse in the unshakable exterior he kept up.  The […]

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Lessons from NaNoWriMo

The dust has settled on November and I had a lot of fun participating in NaNoWriMo this year. November was a success for me. I didn’t meet the 50k NaNo goal, but the 31k words I did write were the most I’ve ever managed in a month. Which is definitely a win for me. I […]

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