The Crystal War Saga

Defender of Gilgin

The tale of Finn, a ranger who unearths a 1.000 year old creature. When he does so, he accidentally sets the second apocalypse in motion. He scrambles to save mankind from the forces of Darkness, even as he is at the same time pursued by those who blame him for everything that happens. Can stop the apocalypse before he gets hanged for heresy? Read more…

Betrayer of Gilgin

After the battle for Gilgin, Finn finds himself in desperate need of allies in the war against the Ochloroc. Help is on the way, but as the war drags on, he starts to wonder who he has to fear more, his enemies or his friends. Read more…

Savior of Gilgin

On the run, Finn goes on a quest, searching for ancient knowledge to help him end the war with the Ochloroc once and for all. He finds vague hints and long lost legends about a weapon crafted by the gods themselves. Can this help him save humanity? Read more…

Stand-alone novels

Sky Pirates

It’s the tale of Chris, who takes on the most powerful company in the world because it’s the right thing to do, and Laetitita, a pirate captain trying to make the best of a bad situation.

A tale about pirates and magic and exploring the unknown. Read more…


Emperor cover

A novella about what can happen when those in power are anonymous and willing to do anything to protect their power.

That, and demons rampaging through a medieval, east Asian style forbidden city. Read more…

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