Emperor cover

Shiro thought he would do anything to serve his emperor. He thought wrong.

The empire has existed for hundreds of years, its emperors ruling by divine mandate. And now the empire is crumbling. The Khaganate is ravaging its borders. In the interior, a civil war is brewing, led by a group of nobles who want to put their own emperor on the throne.

Shiro works in heart of the empire, the Forbidden City in Hinan. Here, he can serve the empire, a small cog in the imperial bureaucracy. Then, he is asked for a favor by the emperor himself and he is dragged into a world of spies.

He must secure peace with both the Khaganate and the dissident nobles. As he travels across the empire, trying to save his world, he stumbles upon a dark secret that sits at the heart of the empire. Just knowing this secret turns him into a fugitive. He becomes hunted by those trying to preserve their power, forcing him to choose between fleeing to save his life and fighting to save the empire he loves.

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