The Prince of Spires – Apocalypse VI

Demon isle Spires stood at the Benevolence’s prow looking ahead. There lay, bleak and foreboding, Demon Isle. In places cliffs rose straight up from the shoreline. In others, rocky beaches gave way to scree slopes. No living thing was in sight. Not even a blade of grass grew on that island. Even the wind seemed […]

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The Prince of Spires – apocalypse V

Alaris The small company made its way towards the harbour of Alaris. Several large ships dominated the harbour. Their shadows dwarfed the smaller ships that lay in wait. Even at this time of night there was still plenty of activity amongst the docks to hide their presence. Sailors were walking in and out of taverns. […]

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The Prince of Spires – apocalypse IV

Crossing Elmira The mist thinned as they descended, until they rode out of the clouds and could survey the landscape ahead of them. A gentle slope ran down into a wooded valley in the distance. Wavy grass, coming up to the horse’s flanks in places, covered the ground in between. A couple of wild horses […]

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The Prince of Spires – apocalypse III

Crossing the mountains The mist pushed in on all sides. Line of sight was perhaps ten feet. Slowly the army wound its way up the rocky sides of the Barrier Mountains. Each elf in the army kept a close eye on the person in front of him. Losing sight of the person in front of […]

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The Prince of Spires – Apocalyps II

War by committee The board with black and white squares stood in front of Spires. The pieces upon it stood in a complex configuration with no discernable pattern to them. In one corner a tall white model stood besieged by black ones. On the rest of the board, clumps of black and white figures vied […]

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