Defender of Gilgin

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A thousand years ago, the apocalypse ravaged the world. During this struggle, the people of Gilgin founded the Inquisition to combat the horrors of the dark gods. It was only when the Inquisition vanquished the Manhir, monsters made of living stone, that humanity was saved. Since then, mankind has slowly been rebuilding civilization under their watchful rule.

Then Finn, a ranger imprisoned for fighting a leader of the Inquisition, unearths a living Manhir. To his surprise the creature helps him escape. In return, Finn feels honor-bound to help him discover the truth about what happened a thousand years ago.

Hunted by the Inquisition, they travel to the Oracle in search of answers. When they find them, they accidentally awaken a force long thought gone from the world. Monsters who disappeared during the apocalypse reemerge from the earth and overrun the cities of mankind, wielding dark magic and devastating machines of war. Still pursued by the Inquisition for his friendship with the Manhir, Finn looks for a way to defeat the dark forces he awakened and avert a second apocalypse. The key lies with the Inquisition, but they see him as a heretic. He needs to convince them to muster their forces and fight alongside him before they manage to capture and execute him.

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