Savior of Gilgin

Defeated and on the run, he’s the only one standing between his ancient enemy and the end of the world.

After the fall of the city of Gilgin, Finn flees from the evil race of the Ochloroc carrying only his trusted axe. The nightmarish creatures pursue him with all their might. As the leader of the resistance against their invasion, they want him dead.

At the same time, they embarked on a dark project to enhance their evil magic to god-like strength. Finn sees only one way to save himself and the people he loves; he needs to find a way to end their threat once and for all.

Hunted, Finn goes on a quest through enemy infested lands, searching for ancient knowledge to aid him. He finds vague hints and long lost legends about a weapon crafted by the gods themselves. As his enemies pursue him, he discovers that they are searching for the same knowledge.

And they have a year’s head-start on him.

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